Monday, October 3, 2011

Natural Hair Stylist: Rules and Regulations

The regulations on natural hair vary from state to state, in Florida it is only required that you take a 16 hour theory course and demonstrate the ability to braid natural hair. Upon completion of the course students are qualified to be employed in beauty and specialty salons. According to Orange Park Beauty Academy’s website the cost of tuition is $190, license $30 and enrollment is $100 for a total of $350.00 to become a licensed natural hair stylist.
                Now, we all know women that braid hair in their homes without such a license, now with the current state of the global economy many more are looking for a side hustle to make ends meet. And although you’ll be registered to work in the state of Florida you aren’t being trained on the latest styles. So, what do you do? GOOGLE! There are blogs, websites, DVD training and YouTube videos available that will provide that knowledge for basically the cost of your internet/cable bill. Braids by Breslin is a company that offers a wide variety of DVD training videos, from learning to do a simple cornrow to making lace front wigs. A’Kiyia Kelly has a YouTube channel and several sites that offers braid training on many of the latest styles for a very affordable price. Locally, while searching craigslist for natural hair courses I found a braid camp that offered a list of 10 styles including weaving for $249.99, which also includes certification as an option. I called spoke with a Pamela Waters from Chocolate City Salon & Spa. Ms. Waters informed me that the braid camp was over but the salon still offered the training on an hourly basis at $25 per hour to an individual or a group with very flexible scheduling.  
                There are other schools in Jacksonville and the state of Florida that offer the hair braiding course, also other sites and salons, so please do your OWN research. Good Luck Ladies!

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