Friday, September 30, 2011

Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

B's Jamaican Black Castor OilAuthentic JBCO is dark brown in color and has the traditional burnt smell. JBCO is a natural remedy for hair loss, thinning, dry hair and scalp, hair breakage, split ends and to maintain healthy growing hair. Many curlies use this multipurpose oil to moisturize, thicken, strengthen and increase hair growth. It can also be used on ALL HAIR TYPES.
I first used this oil after my usual weekday wash to seal and to twist my damp hair. First, the smell is loud and it can linger long enough for others to smell it. I had two coworkers ask me what I had on. LOL! I also received compliments about how much fuller my hair looked after the first time using JBCO. Personally, I’ve noticed how soft my hair feels immediately after application. My twist out’s last longer, usually I can wear a twist out for 1-2 days because I wasn’t sleeping with  a satin bonnet or a pillowcase during this trial…but now with the JBCO I’ve gone as long as 3 days! So, imagine how long it would last if I used the bonnet or pillowcase, I think I could pull a full week. I’ve also noticed that my hair doesn’t become crunchy as fast; it seems to have bounced back, volume or body. My second trial was done on dry hair that needed to be washed…EWWWW! I was being lazy that day but I was also tired of having bed hair. I didn’t part my hair into any sections or anything; I just used my fingers to make medium sized twists and applied the JBCO to my scalp and hair, then used it to seal my ends. After I finished twisting my whole head I then spritzed it with my peppermint oil and water daily moisturizing spray.
Rather it’s dry or damp hair I love the way the Jamaican Black Castor Oil makes my hair look and feel. This is a definite keeper!!!
Final Score = 10

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