Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mild Baby Shampoo Recipe

I don’t like washing the J’s hair with the Johnson & Johnson’s but because it has the “no more tears formula” I’ve continued to use. Now, that I’m taking an all-natural approach to my family’s hair care, I wanted to find something without the chemicals and that isn’t attached to some big name company. So, after googling “natural hair recipes for babies” I found this simple recipe from
Mild Baby Shampoo
2 oz. Dr. Bonner’s Baby-Mild Unscented Liquid Soap
2 oz. Distilled Water
2 oz. Coconut/Jojoba Oil
                Honestly, I’m not sure about using Dr. Bonner’s because of my hair’s experience. After washing with the castile soap my hair felt squeaky and it was straight. It wasn’t straight like your hair would be if you got a relaxer but it really loosened my curl pattern; I’ve learned from that experience to tweak the measurements to find what works for our hair and to follow up with a good moisturizing conditioner. On a positive note it did a great job cleaning my hair and scalp, it has a really good lather without the chemical agents used in other products. The rich lather is produced from the soaps high coconut oil content, which provides a richer lather than other soaps.  

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