Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Juice’s Regimen Update

Coconut oil is a miracle worker!
Overnight I saw a difference, the patches on each side of her head has completely gone and the roughness of her forehead has disappeared also. After washing her hair with Johnson & Johnson Shea & Coco Butter Wash, I massaged her with scalp with coconut oil on and rubbed the remainder in her hair. The next morning I saw some light spots where the cradle cap was and I was in awe! I had to double check! I really didn’t expect it to work so fast. Now, I’m also applying coconut oil to the dry patches on her skin.
I’ve also started using coconut oil on my 5 year old son’s Mohawk.  He’s tender headed just like his mommie and he cries almost every time we have to comb out his hair, so I sprayed some HH, coconut oil and water on his hair to comb it out, initially he resisted but in the end we had success. I wish I had tried this sooner and we could’ve avoided all those tears, because next Monday he’ll be starting kindergarten and when attending private school Mohawks aren’t allowed.  But his father and I are considering allowing him to grow his hair out a little so it’s good to know what works for him.  

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