Monday, December 5, 2011

LovinMiNaturally Presents Winedown Wednesday's

On January 18, 2012 my business partner and I will host a natural hair styling party. This idea came from my membership with a local natural hair group that I found on A former member started a discussion to have a meet up during the week for those that aren’t able to attend the meet ups on weekends, she suggested a theme of Winedown Wednesday. After joining the group I took the initiative to do it myself but I soon learned that doing this on my own wouldn’t be easy and I pitched the idea to a fellow natural and now things are finally falling into place.
We wanted to have a meet up that appealed to naturals in all stages of their journey from those not yet natural but considering the transition to beauties that have been doing this natural thing for years. I also wanted attendants to walk away with useful information about their new lifestyle, whether it’s a learning to part your hair correctly or knowing what foods can help promote healthy hair. Currently, we have 3 vendors/stylist ready to participate but I am still looking for someone to speak about sisterlocks and because we’ll more than likely have the first party in one of our homes we’re going to limit the number of guests therefore allowing everyone to be comfortable.
So, here’s what we have planned so far…4 basic hair style tutorials for loc’d and natural hair will be done by the stylist on preselected models. We are also asking that the guest bring in a product that they would like to share with group for a product swap, an information packet will be provided to everyone in attendance which will include information on transitioning without the “Big Chop”, starting dreadlocks’ and sisterlocks, creating and starting your own regimen, a lists of essential oils, hair typing info, etc.  And also in keeping with the theme of Winedown Wednesday, we’ll be offering FREE food and drinks, provided by my company Purple Lemonade Catering & Event Planning.
I can’t wait to post an update on the outcome!

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