Monday, August 1, 2011

Natural Hair Care Workshop

On Saturday, July 30th I attended a natural hair care workshop offered by Mrs. Tonya the owner of TruRoots salon here in Jacksonville, Fl.  I’ve seen them offered in other states for $100-$500 to attend, like the seminars offered by Marquetta Breslin CEO & Founder of  The workshop Saturday was priced for $50 each; which some would still consider expensive but we received some very good information and it allowed us to meet and mingle with other naturals. I received some information that will be beneficial to the treatment of my boyfriend’s Seborrheic Dermatitis. Mrs. Tonya provided me with some tips on treating the disease naturally by using essential oils such as Rose Hip Seed oil on his scalp and avoiding products that can aggravate or induce the problem like those that contain petroleum or mineral oils.
The workshop started with educating us on our culture and how the love of our hair influenced us; showing the pictures drawn on cave walls of elaborate hairstyles. We also watched a video titled “African Hair and Its Significance: Connecting to Our Spirit” that further drove home why we spend so much time and money on our hair; it’s embedded in us as a people. Many tribes believed our hair was an extension to Christ, a gift from God that should we should cherish and treat with TLC. I learned something that I didn’t know about our history which is that we’ve worn weaves and wigs prior to our recent history but then they used vegetables fibers as extensions. Mrs. Tonya also told us to two natural hair books that she referred to as natural hair bibles, Hairlocking: Everything You Need to Know by Nekhena Evans and “No Lye! The African-American Guide to Natural Hair Care” by Tulani Kinard; she stated that these were the only books available during her time of natural hair, these are books that every natural hair wearer and stylist should have.
We also went over the natural hair products that are on the market now and she said something I never thought about; that these companies where making hair care products for relaxed hair prior to starting a natural hair line and that their products aren’t natural but marketing towards those individuals. Therefore, the only way to ensure that you’re not putting harsh chemicals into your hair is to make your old products w/o adding preservatives and but only making a batch or two to ensure they don’t go bad. Some places to purchase natural products, essential oils or butters are New Directions that specializes in customization, From Nature with Love, Adio Akil who has a product line called Praises and Taalid Waajid now has a line of products that includes a children’s line, named Black Earth Products.
This is just a brief overview of some of the things we discussed and although the workshop was a success and I don’t feel like I wasted money; there were something’s I would have loved to seen included. For example, I would’ve loved to have gotten some hands on experience learning the basics in styling natural hair. I would like to possibly have a natural hair meetup in Jacksonville that would provide that for newly natural and transitioning sistahs and for those sisters that would just like to mingle.
Now here come the questions: How would I get the word out? Who would I invite as guest, speakers, and vendors or for product giveaways?  

Look for the interview with TRU Roots owner Mrs. Tonya coming soon....

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